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Dental Practice Rochdale Greater Manchester

Bamford Dental Practice Fees

Bamford Dental Practice, The Precinct, Norden Rd., Rochdale, Greater Manchester OL11 5PT
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Examination/Check up £37.50
X-rays from £8.75
Amalgam fillings from £47.00
White fillings from £51.50
Hygienist appointment (per session) £41.50
Root Canal filling from £191.50
Crowns from £448.00
Extraction from £68.00

Specialist Oral Surgery with Mr. Mark Edmondson BDS FDSRCS (Eng)

Tooth Extraction from £95.00
Root Operation (apicectomy) from £200.00
Intravenous sedation for oral surgery from £125.00
Intravenous sedation for dentistry from £210.00
3 dimensional CT scan from £200.00

Orthodontic treatment for children and young adults who start their treatment before the age of 18 is free on the NHS. There are some restrictions on the types of appliances (braces) that are used on the NHS.

Private Orthodontic Examination
Short suitability appointment Free
Full case assessment including xrays, models and written treatment plan £100.00
Invisalign Full £3750.00
Invisalign Lite £3000.00
Invisalign I7 £1500.00
Fixed Braces
Single arch treatment (upper or lower) with standard metal appliances £1750.00
Dual Arch treatment (upper and lower) with standard metal appliances £2500.00
Single arch ceramic cosmetic appliances £2200.00
Dual arch ceramic cosmetic appliance £3100.00
Lingual fixed appliances from £2500.00 - £8000.00
Vivera clear plastic retainers (single arch) £200 for 3 retainers
Vivera clear plastic retainers upper and lower and 3 lower retainers £300 for 3 upper
Essix clear plastic retainer £50 per retainer
Fixed Retainer £80
Removable Appliances
Upper Removable appliance £350.00
Functional Twin Block appliance £650.00

In all cases a full customised treatment plan and costing will be provided before treatment starts. The price quoted includes supplying and fitting the appliances, all adjustments and repairs, removing the appliances and supplying retainers after the appliances are removed and their supervision for 12 months.

Dental Implant Consultation including study models and x-ray assessment £125.00
Single Tooth Dental Implant with Restoratio from £2360.00

In all cases a full customised treatment plan and costing will be provided before treatment starts.

Endodontic treatment with Mr. Lee Valentine BDS

Initial Consultation (15 minutes) £49.00
Root Treatments
All root treatments £550.00
Re root treatments £600.00