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Dental Practice Rochdale Greater Manchester

General Dentistry at Bamford Dental Practice

At Bamford Dental Practice we encourage regular family dental care through continuing regular examinations. This is combined with preventative advice to reduce sugar intake and to demonstrate how to maintain good levels of oral hygiene. These important preventative measures can reduce the need for dental treatment and avoid a lifetime of maintenance of existing dental restorations.

We offer a number of dental treatments as follows:

  •   Periodontal (gum) treatment
  •  Treatment of dental decay with traditional materials such as metal alloys or gold fillings
  •  Tooth coloured fillings / inlays / crowns
  •  Root treatments
  •  Dental extractions / wisdom tooth removal
  •  Partial and complete dentures including acrylic (plastic), chrome (metal) and valplast (flexible) materials
  •  Sports shields and night bite guards
Bamford Dental Practice, The Precinct, Norden Rd., Rochdale, Greater Manchester OL11 5PT
01706 527700