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Dental Practice Rochdale Greater Manchester

Bamford Dental Practice, Rochdale, Manchester

We have a purpose built dental practice with modern facilities and seven dental surgeries, all fitted with the latest dental equipment and dental materials. We have general and separate orthodontic receptions. The original practice was situated on Bury Road. In 1984 the practice was designed and opened on its current site to include three surgeries on a single storey. A two storey extension was added in 2004 to allow modernisation and the introduction of four further surgeries.

Bamford Dental Practice, The Precinct, Norden Rd., Rochdale, Greater Manchester OL11 5PT
01706 527700

X-ray Equipment

We have modern digital x-rays to take pictures of teeth inside the mouth. In addition to this standard dental x-ray facility, we have a state of the art combined Cone Beam CT Scanner/DPT (Dental Panoramic Tomogram) and a lateral cephalometric machine on site to allow quicker treatment times and to avoid referral to other centres for these investigation.

The CT scanner generates images of the teeth and jaws in 3 dimensions to give a millimetre accurate assessment of teeth, bone, nerves and other important dental structures.

The DPT machine moves around the face to give a fast and accurate 2 dimensional view of the teeth and jaws to aid diagnosis and treatment planning.

The Lateral Cephalometric machine takes a side view of the skull and lower jaw.

These additional facilities are particularly useful for planning orthodontic and dental implant treatments. This on site technology means quicker diagnosis, fewer visits and avoids referral to another site to have the tests performed.

British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme

We are proud to have been accepted into the BDA Good Practice Scheme. Membership is granted by the British Dental Association. The scheme supports dental teams with their commitment to working to nationally agreed standards of good practice in the delivery of dental care.

British Dental Association Good Practice Member

Disabled Access

We have a ramp available, on request, for the main entrance and access to 3 ground floor surgeries.

Operating Microscope

Our practice has the benefit of an operating microscope, offering an intensely illuminated and magnified image inside a tooth. This is used by our endodontist to assist with root canal therapy.

Patient Safety

At Bamford Dental Practice patient safety is a priority:

All staff undergo 12 monthly Basic Life Support training

We have all necessary emergency equipment and oxygen available

We have a shock advisory defibrillator for the benefit of the local community

Our building conforms to fire safety regulations


There is a large, free car park outside the practice and some local street parking is also available.

Implant Equipment

We provide a full range of dental implant procedures including bone and soft tissue grafting. We have state of the art equipment and only use evidence based materials*. The majority of implants placed are from Dentsply Implants who have more than 20 years of clinical evidence and documentation in this field. Our implant team are familiar with other brands of implants and can offer one to one advice.

*evidence based materials are materials for which detailed research exists in both clinical effectiveness and patient safety.

Infection Control

Infection control is a priority at Bamford Dental Practice. We have a dedicated infection control facility and operative. We comply with the latest cross infection control legislation. This is an going process with regular reviews of current good practice.