Dental implants can be used to support:

Single Teeth

The loss of a single tooth can require the long term use of a denture which can alter taste or speech. Bridgework may be used to replace a missing tooth but may reduce the lifespan of retaining teeth. An implant may help to prevent this.

Multiple Teeth

Where multiple teeth are missing implants can help to prevent the need for a denture or large span bridge work. It is not always necessary to place an implant to support every tooth.


Full dentures, particularly for the lower jaw, may move or cause pain and reduce chewing function. Implants can help to support dentures, thus reducing denture movement and increasing biting forces. In addition implants can help to reduce bone resorption which follows the extraction of a tooth.

Implants can be fitted painlessly to the bone. Once they have attached to the bone they can be used to support crowns, bridgework or dentures.

Our fully trained team can advise you of your suitability for an implant procedure and a treatment plan will be provided. We work via a team approach to ensure accurate implant placement and restoration.

Take a look at the video which demonstrates the dental implant process.

We have also included a video which shows you how to clean your dental implants once they have been placed.


Here at Bamford Dental Practice we generally place 3 types of dental implants:

  • Dentsply Sirona Astra Tech EV System
  • Straumann
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